A month in Italy . . .

and I’m not even packed yet. But I leave in less than 36 hours for Firenze, where I will study Italian at a language immersion program until September 28. I will live with a family, share two meals a day with them, and spent six hours each day adding to my rather impoverished vocabulary and grammar skills in the language of this beautiful country.

On September 29, I’ll meet Neil in Rome and fly to Palermo to join thirteen other friends at a villa outside of Castelvetrano (Torre Castelvetrano) for a week, and then spend the final week first in Venice, and then exploring the Adriatic coast of LeMarche.

I KNOW that once I’m packed, I’ll feel much better, but at this point, the lists and lists seem overwhelming, though I’m checking off many tasks. Just a few more ad copy confirmations and a last e-mail to my Lifeprints group list and I think I’ll be done.

I hope to write on a regular basis, to keep track for myself and to let everyone know what’s happening on my latest Italian adventure! Perhaps I’ll learn to post photos more easily as well.

For now, buona notte e ciao.


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