LeMarche: Catch-up post #3

Thursday, October 11. Cupramontana

After eating dinner at a restaurant in town, recommended by our host, Cristina, we made our way back to our B & B, had a glass of the wine made just downstairs from our room, and went to sleep. In the morning we awoke to a lovely breakfast in the dining room just outside our bedroom and then we were off for the day. We were to meet Peony downstairs and she would take us to her husband, Peter. From there, we would visit several dilapidated country houses in the area, just to begin checking out the real estate. And of course, this is the one day it was drizzly, foggy, with almost no visibility. But it was the only day we had left in Marche, so we took what we had.

Peter and Peony were delightful guides through the crumbling stone beauties of the Marche countryside, and after a few wanders through mud-ridden fields, a stop at a coffee shop, and a quick peek at a little (tiny!) apartment at the top of a chapel in a neighboring town, we continued our search for the perfect “handyman’s dream” on the hillsides. Just for our dreaming purposes, of course, at least this trip.

At the end of a long day, we returned to our room, cleaned up, and drove to Jesi, a larger town about 12km from Cupra. We found the recommended restaurant, Settima Cielo, (7th Heaven) and had a perfectly delightful dinner in a room full of families, young people, all Italian, almost no English spoken at all. Wonderful! More practice for my meager language skills. I’m beginning to be quite impressed with myself!

Back to Cupramontana, sleep, another delicious breakfast on Friday morning, pack up and head toward Umbria and ultimately Tuscany again.


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