Tuscan view – Pienza


Are we on our way yet?

Well, I’ve been working on this trip for exactly one year. 20 days, 19 nights in northern Italy with grown-up women (no cattiness, no bitching!), some of whom are good friends, one repeat traveler from our trip two years ago, and a couple brave souls who didn’t know anyone, even me!

My group was fairly well set by last July, and that made me very happy. Nothing like women who make decisions quickly once they know they want to do something. The ones who agonized over it all will have to wait until another year to travel this route with me.

So we have had four gatherings, which have created early friendships among 10 women who didn’t know one another. I have always hated the idea of blogs, but I have been convinced that this will be a good way to keep track of our trip, let family and friends back in the crumbling US of A to keep in touch with me and with what’s happening in my beloved heart country, Italy!

So this is a first post, just to get the hang of it and see if everything works well.

Ciao, grazie mille for checking this one out. Many adventures ahead!