Long Time Gone . . .

Well, I never did finish that old trip journal last May, did I? Downloaded the photos, but didn’t insert them, and perhaps sometime I’ll write the notes for the last few days of that Italy Women’s group in ’06.

Now I’m preparing for a month in Italy this fall. First I will spend two weeks in Florence with an Italian family while I take 6 hours of language classes per day. Then I will fly to Palermo and meet 14 friends who have rented a villa in Castelvetrano! My grandfather was from Sicily and I hope I can find some family there. At the end of the Sicily leg of my trip, I’ll fly to Venice for a few days, and then drive down the Adriatic coast, exploring Le Marche (the “new” Tuscany, they say). I hope to gather information for a new itinerary for Italy Women Part II.

Any excuse to spend a month in my heart country . . . and the language immersion will be wonderful.

I’ll keep this site posted.