Another country . . . here we come!

October 14, 2008 – Bonjour! I have just returned from six weeks at my retreat in Vermont, though the “retreat” turned into more of a convalescent home duty for my partner and one of our golden Retrievers! Back home in Colorado, I’ve barely gotten unpacked and am preparing my next LifeprintsJourneys Women’s adventure, this time not to my beloved Italia, but instead to Provence and Paris!

One of my 2004 Italy women made a request nearly two years ago, wondering whether I’d be willing to put together a France Women trip for 2008, and as she and I know, once you set an intention, it so often comes to fruition. Manifestation! So at 3:00 a.m., Friday, October 17, nine of us begin our French adventure together. We will be spending one week at a beautiful villa in the Vaucluse area of Provence. Fontaine du Faucon is the villa, Goult is the nearest little village, and our British hosts are a gracious couple who now live in a neaerby area on a vineyard estate, producing their own wine.

As we leave the villa after one week, we will spend a last Provencal night in Gigondas at Les Florets, and then take the TGV back to Paris for five nights in that magical city! I will post as often as possible, and try to figure out a way to post photos as I go, rather than re-inserting them when I return home. Somehow that doesn’t ever really pan out . . . too much to do in the moment.

So if any of you are following our trip, I hope you enjoy our adventures!

A bientot!